Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Simple Stories Sn@p!

Hello, Memory Bound Friends!

If I have a weak spot in my scrapbooking purchasing, I would have to say it is the Sn@p products. 4x6 cards, 3x4 cards, 2x2  cards, bits and pieces and, of course, stickers!! I love them all! So, you can imagine my excitement when this box of product arrived at the store! Yippie!!

First, check out the new Sn@p 'Tis the Season items.  
So yummy for the holiday season!

4x6 cards

'Tis the Season Squares and Pieces  (2x2, 3x3, 4x4 Squares!)
3x4 cards

I love the idea of this next set of Sn@p products. I envision cards, calendars and an already made mini-book to give as a gift for Christmas, with these Sn@p Seasons cards! 



If you are like me, I have taken a trip to Disney, started to scrapbook it, but may need a little more merchandise inspiration, due to reusing everything I had already purchased. Well, these Sn@p  Say Cheese cards was just what I was looking for to get another jump start!

 Another project that need to be caught up, are my kids' school scrapbooks! I need to get the items out of the bins and into their books! These Sn@p School cards  would be the perfect touch!



Head over the the Simple Stories Blog to check out a fabulous 6x8 album using the Sn@p School cards!

Hope you found something that might inspire you today to create something new or finish up an old project!

What will you create today?

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