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Happy Boss's Day!

Hello, Memory Bound Friends!

Today, which is Boss’s Day, we are taking the opportunity to thank some very special people, Kellie, Dawn and Diane! 13 years ago,Kellie and Dawn opened the doors of Memory Bound and welcomed people and paper crafters from near and far to their store.  Unfortunately, many paper crafting stores have had to close their doors over the years, but not Memory Bound! We are still going strong and we owe our success to our bosses, Kellie and Dawn. So, we who work for these truly amazing gals, would like to thank them and our manager, Diane for all their hard work!!
(Warning: lots of text!!)

This post is dedicated to our Big Cheese and our Top Dog!!
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When asking the employees at Memory Bound what they would want to say about working at the store and for Kellie and Dawn, Gloria summed it up well: Memory Bound treats their employees like family. I think this is how we all feel, and in return we feel invested in the store and it's a success. And it is just way too fun!!

Bonnie and Jean have been here since the doors opened thirteen years ago! They would both agree that they would not want to work anywhere else and haven’t for thirteen years! Who would want to miss out on all the laughs?

Janet has been there almost as long as Bonnie and Jean. She shares: 
Dawn and I worked together in Human Resources at Norwest/Wells Fargo for many years. I started scrapbooking during those years and shared with Dawn my first recipe scrapbook. After she left the company I stayed on doing corporate training. It was shortly after that that Dawn & Kellie began planning their first big “Scrapbooking Extravaganza” convention and Dawn called to ask if I would be interested in teaching a class about recipe scrapbooking. Of course I immediately agreed, even though I had no idea what I was doing! But it sure sounded a lot more fun than training managers about employment policies! From my first class, I was hooked! It was tons of fun and I’ve been teaching for Memory Bound ever since. I’m incredibly grateful to Dawn and Kellie for giving me a chance to do such a fun and creative job with so many wonderful people!

Maggie told me that this is the best job she has had since her retirement from teaching!

Speaking of teaching, while I (Katie) was teaching third grade, I would go to Memory Bound to get papers and stickers for my classroom. I LOVED the north wall of Memory Bound, which was an entire wall of rolled stickers!  From the first time I was in the store, I was in love with the atmosphere and wanted to work there!! One afternoon, Kellie called me and asked to talk with me about working at Memory Bound. I about passed out! I was so giddy!! After a year+ of teaching and working at MB, I had the opportunity to hang up my teaching shoes and stay home with my boys, which also opened up the door of working more often at Memory Bound. YIPPIE!! I absolutely love working at the store and would agree with job since I “retired” from teaching!


Everyone would also agree, that Memory Bound 
is one big family.

 We always seem to find something to celebrate together! Kellie and Dawn love to throw a party! We have had parties for retirements, babies, weddings, Sharknado Two, Surviving Breast Cancer, big birthdays, scaring each other during the month of October for Halloween, grandchildren, touchdowns, home-runs, Frappuccino hour and the list goes on and on…

Of course, we have had our share of "life” dealt to us too. In deaths of loved ones and pets, cancer, blood clots, divorce, heart attacks and unfortunately many other “life” issues. 

But, that’s when the gals at MB gather around whoever needs the support, because that what families do.

As Diana shares: I have worked at MB 5+ years now and can truly say because of Dawn, Kellie and Diane, it is my very comfortable home away from home!  It has been an amazing journey, filled with fun, laughter, learning and the most wonderful people-both staff and customers.  I feel like I learn new things in the art and scrapbooking world every single day and if ever there was a "dream" job, this has to be it!!!  And NO, I could not make a living working here--way too many temptations at our finger tips!  Love you all for the opportunity to be a part of the Memory Bound Family.


Many times customers in the store have commented, “You guys just have way too much fun here!” Probably because we are constantly laughing about something that has happened! We have so many stories that during our staff Christmas party, Kellie and Dawn spend over an hour sharing the highlights from the year. Our spouses even get a kick out of all the stories! What other job can you spend 90 minutes telling stories about silly things your coworkers/employees have done?

I think Pat wraps up this tribute quite nicely:
I started working at Memory Bound about 7 years ago.  Never have I had a job I've enjoyed more.  I think that says a lot about Dawn and Kellie.
I would describe them as:

and above all they make Memory Bound 
a FUN place to work!
(and shop).

Thanks Kellie,Dawn and Diane!
From all your gals at Memory Bound
(And as Diane says, "It's a good thing we are all such good friends., because we know waaayyy too much about each other!)

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