Saturday, October 18, 2014

Favorite Products: Clear Glaze Pens

Hello, crafty friends!
In today's post, I'd like to share another one of my favorite crafting products: Clear Glaze Pens! I credit my good friend and fellow instructor Katie for getting me hooked on these wonderful pens. I recently got her hooked on Wink of Stella Pens, so now we're even! :) I often include the Clear Glaze Pen on supply lists for classes, so I regularly hear how much our customers love this pen!

What's a Glaze Pen? 
 Here's some information from the Sakura company website:

The Glaze pens are the first pen of its kind to dry in 3-Dimensional form (3-D). The ink dries in a raised form that you can feel, and colors can be mixed to produce new hues. Glaze pens can be used on glass, plastic, vellum, glossy papers and a variety of other surfaces. It gives the embossed look without all the embossing tools!

Glaze Pens come in a variety of different colors, but my favorite is the CLEAR Glaze Pen. When you trace over words or an image, it gives the look of embossing and the color of the text or image still shows through! Even better, Glaze Pens dry very quickly so you can keep moving on your project!
You can see the effect in the picture below in which I traced around the edges of the holly leaves and berries but not the bow or the candy cane. This simple little detail really makes the holly stand out!
You can also transform ordinary paper into something special with the Clear Glaze Pen. Here I colored a few of the white polka dots on this paper, and now it looks like more expensive embossed paper, perfect for
a Halloween card!

And here's how this flourish looks BEFORE:

...and AFTER the Clear Glaze Pen:

Next time you're at Memory Bound, look for the Clear Glaze Pens in the pen section near the front of the store. I'm confident that you'll quickly become addicted, too! :)

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