Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Trick: Embossing Powder Storage

Every Tuesday during the month of October, we thought it would be fun to share a trick or treat! Today we're sharing a trick for storing your embossing powder, inspired by one of our favorite crafters! The same idea would work for glitter, too. :)

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
I love organizing! For me, having my supplies organized is the key to using them. So when I saw Jennifer McGuire's idea for storing her embossing powder, I knew I wanted to try it. She stores her powder in larger containers with an ice cream spoon clipped inside the lid. **Be still, my heart!!**
I don't know about you, but I don't use my embossing powder as often as I should because it can be messy pouring it back into the small jars. I know there are trays available (or you can use a paper plate), but I love Jennifer's idea of transferring your powder to a larger storage container. This allows you to easily pour it back into the container directly from your project.

So I've been on the hunt for containers of the "right" size for my space, and when I found these Rubbermaid Lunchbox containers at our grocery store, I snapped them up! Jennifer uses similar-sized containers (plus some bigger sandwich boxes for favorite colors) but these were less expensive and matched my colors. :)

I love how Jennifer uses small ice cream sampling spoons, attached to the inside of each lid with Command clips. The spoon idea is ingenious, as it allows you to apply embossing powder more precisely than just dumping it out of the container as I have done in the past!

 Well, after a bit of searching I knew ice cream spoons were not for me. I found spoons in packs of 100, but I definitely don't have that much embossing powder...or that much ice cream! :) These little cocktail spoons came in a pack of 24 and seemed perfect.

Jennifer's Command clip idea is also awesome. But the handles on my spoons are not as flat as hers, so I was hesitant to buy Command clips not knowing if they would work. After experimenting with a couple of different ideas, I ended up using Sticky Back Velcro.

 I attached it to the inside of the lid and added a small strip to the back of the spoon. Perfect, and much cheaper than Command clips!

Then it was time to gather up my embossing powders and finish this project!

I created labels on the computer for the top of each lid. (A label maker would make quick work of this step.)

My sticky embossing powder has special instructions on the container, so I typed them and taped them inside the lid.

Finally I poured all the embossing powders into the new containers. Woo hoo! 

I'm anxious to put my new system to work for my holiday crafting projects! 
What will you organize today?

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