Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Favorite Things: WRMK 3-Ring Binders

I'm excited to share with everybody that I'm going to be blogging for Memory Bound! I've had my own blog for several years now and am excited to expand my horizons. We have lots of fun things planned!

Occasionally, I'll be sharing a few of our favorite things at Memory Bound. Of course, it is very hard to choose a favorite, but I'd have to say that the We Are Memory Keepers (WRMK) 3-ring binders are very high on my own list. Each time I teach a beginning scrapbooking class, I point new scrapbookers to these binders.

This photo shows just a part of the album display area at Memory Bound. You can see the WRMK 3-ring binders at the left side of the photo, in both 12x12 and 8.5x11 sizes and a variety of colors.

After using post-bound albums for many years, I switched over to WRMK's 12x12 leather binders a couple of years ago. I now have 17 -- yep, I just now counted them! -- WRMK albums on my shelves! I could seriously star in my own advertisement for these binders -- I love them THAT much!

Just in case you don't believe me :) here is a photo of one of my shelves! I have each album labeled with the year and number. I have three or four family albums for each year. (If that seems like a lot, it really isn't -- the albums include all of my daughter's school pages, too.)

I have to say that one of the reasons I love these albums is because they look pretty awesome sitting on my shelf, with all the spines lined up just so. It sort of brings out my inner librarian. :)

People often ask how many pages will fit in a WRMK binder. This one has 24 page protectors in it, with a total of 48 pages (two in each page protector back-to-back). I have found that the albums will hold approximately 30 page protectors (=60 pages), give or take a few, depending on how lumpy your pages are.

The WRMK page protectors are nice and roomy and very sturdy. The albums are also extremely durable. They hold up quite well to lots of handling. (And if you're like me, you LOVE it when friends and family handle your albums, because that means they are enjoying the fruits of your labor!)

Another reason I love these albums is because they easily accommodate mixed size page protectors. This is especially great if you have programs, certificates, and other 8.5x11 memorabilia to include in a 12x12 album. Just slide the item (such as the program in the above photo) into an 8.5x11 page projector along with the completed 12x12 pages for that event. This feature is a lifesaver for those of you working on senior albums, since you can keep your pages and full-size memorabilia together. How cool is THAT?

A final reason I love WRMK albums is because they are designed to accommodate WRMK divided page protectors. I think these things are just about the best product EVER! They are sold in a variety of configurations (the one at the above right is a 6-up horizontal page protector) and hold all of your extra photos. You can reserve one of the slots for journaling (as I did in the above photo) or fill them all with photos. As I worked on high school pages for my daughter's graduation open house, the divided page protectors were perfect for the extra photos of marching band, show choir, and other activities.

If you're not familiar with WRMK binders, check them out the next time you're at Memory Bound. I know you will love the quality and ease of use...not to mention how great they'll look sitting on YOUR shelf!



  1. These are the BEST! Am changing all my albums over to these--colors are beautiful! and you can co-ordinate to almost any school or activity ( am using the Clover Green ones for 4-H albums----Perfect!)

  2. Diana, I agree! :) And color-coding the albums for each activity is a great idea!

  3. Diana, thanks for showing those binders. I do like how colorful they are and they stand up so nice. Thank you.

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  5. Thanks, Rory! I love the 3-ring binders. If you're looking for a new type of album, I'd definitely recommend them!


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