Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Favorite Things: Adhesive

Here's a true confession: My kitchen pantry isn't very well-stocked. Every time I need to cook dinner (which is basically every day!), I have to run to the store to buy the ingredients. In fact, I don't think you could make anything (except for maybe Play-Doh) from what you'd find on my shelves. It's not very convenient (and it's actually kind of embarrassing when the check-out guy recognizes me...) to have to run to the grocery store every day, and it's certainly not very efficient!

But believe me, the opposite is true in my crafting area! (You can see where my priorities lie! LOL) Unlike my empty pantry, I keep an ample stock of all the basic supplies I know I'll need every time I work on a project. For me, that includes cardstock, striped paper :), and...ADHESIVE! I make a point NEVER to run out of adhesive. In fact, I buy it almost every time I go to Memory Bound!

These days, crafters are very fortunate to have a wide variety of adhesives from which to choose. In fact, there are so many adhesives -- for so many purposes -- that we all have our favorites! I asked our Memory Bound staff members to tell me which one is their "go to" adhesive and why. Maybe you'll see your favorite on this list or notice a new one to try!

Amanda: I use Tombow for my everyday scrapbooking. It comes out nicely and holds very well, yet if I needed to I could still pull a photo off of my layout without damaging my paper. I use the UHU Glue Stick anytime I am covering something with scrapbook paper. I use Tacky Tape when I am creating a project where I want a very strong hold, such as home decor projects, shadow boxes, and printer trays.

Bonnie: My favorite adhesive is E-Z Runner by Scrapbook Adhesives. I like it because it is easy to use and it sticks well. It is not refillable; just throw away the empty container and start a new one.

Dawn: My favorite is the Glue Glider PRO. I can change to any type of refill just by pulling out the refill and sliding the next one in. With so many types of refills, I have the exact one I need for any type of project. The Glue Glider PRO is designed to be the most comprehensive adhesive in the craft industry. Refills include PermaTac, PermaSquares, HighTac, ExtremeTac, Fabric Bond, Repositionable, and Wall Art.


Diana: My #1 adhesive is the Xyron 150 for everything small. I use Zip Dry glue for all things big. It drys flat without air pockets or waves. I like Glossy Accents for bigger embellishments and Glue Dots or Pop Dots for buttons.

Diane: My favorite adhesive is the Click 'n Stick white mounting squares from 3L. They are inexpensive and always sticky.

Janet (that's me!): My favorite is also the Click 'n Stick (and I'm not just copying Diane!). Actually, after my favorite adhesive was discontinued awhile back, Diane suggested I go back to using the Click 'n Stick. It's easy to use and control -- I use it each time I scrapbook. I also could not live without my Xyron 150 for small items!

Katie: My favorite adhesive is the Therm O Web. It's inexpensive, easy to use, plus it adheres cleanly (without breaks in the adhesive line) and it's easy to refill.

Kellie: I like the Therm O Web tape runner for several reasons. First of all -- it rolls on nicely and sticks great. It's easy to refill with a snap-in cartridge. And it's the best value because you get 50'. The dispenser is only $4.99 and refills are $3.99. Glossy Accents is my favorite liquid adhesive.

Michele: One of my favorites is the Glue Glider PRO. I like it because it holds a large amount of adhesive, so when I am working on a large project, I don't have to stop to reload adhesive as often. It also is very easy to switch between high tac and repositionable adhesive if needed for different projects.

Pat: My favorite is the Tombow Mono Dots Permanent Adhesive. It is super easy to refill and the shape is such that you can always tell which side is up and which side is down. AND best of all, it sticks really well!!

Tess: I like the Thermoweb tape runner. It doesn’t gum up on the dispenser!

I didn't ask these ladies about the contents of their pantries (maybe I SHOULD, huh?), but you can see that their adhesive bins are very well stocked. We each have at least one "go to" adhesive. So how about you? What's your favorite and why? Leave us a comment. We'd love to hear what you think!



  1. Actually, after my favorite adhesive was discontinued awhile back,

    If you're talking about the much-loved Kokuyo, try the 3M dot runner. It's the same formula in a slightly different package. Love it!

  2. I always have plenty of Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L on hand in both the permanent and repostionable. It goes on smoothly, fits my hand and is tossable. My Xyron 150 sits very close to me for the small items. I even have a Xyron 250 for a bit larger items and of course, tacky tape when I need things to sticky really well. Janet, my cupboard is also bare. I send DH to the store for me. :)

  3. My favorite adhesive is in my pink ATG. It is a generic of the scotch brand sold like 12 rolls at once. I wish Memory Bound Sold it in bulk so I could buy it from you. But what I do buy from you that I can not live with out is Scor Tape - love it for mini albums, altered items, art journaling, glittering and embossing stripes, holding embellishments. I also love Scotch Quick Dry for all things paper, like covering chipboard and creating paper flowers.


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