Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dawn's Scrap Room - Part 2

Hello, Memory Bound friends! 
Dawn is excited to be re-doing her scrap room, and we're all very excited for her! In Part 1, Dawn cleared the space and installed new flooring. In today's post, she focuses on the big pieces of furniture in the room.

After choosing a cube system and desk, Dawn and her husband Dennis spent an exciting Friday evening putting together the cubes. Look at all of these parts! Can you say "SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED" ???

They arranged the boards on the floor of the room...
...and began assembling the cube unit.

And here's the beautiful finished unit! It looks like they read the instructions, because they have no extra parts! LOL

I love this system. It even fits one or more cats! :)

Once the cube unit was finished, Dawn and Dennis started on the desk, which also came with the label "SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED"! Poor Dennis...we only see the back of his head in these photos. Hopefully there's a smile on his face! :)

Meanwhile, Dawn sorted through her supplies to identify items she no longer needs. She plans to sell a LOT of stuff at the next Memory Bound Garage Sale, tentatively planned for September. Here's a tip: After you've cleared your space, put back only the items you wish to keep. There is no sense trying to organize items you'll never use!
Stay tuned for Part 3, when Dawn starts moving her supplies back into the space! It's coming together very quickly and we're super excited to see the finished room!

Thanks for the inspiration, Dawn!


  1. Dawn your Kitty looks like my kitty!!! Looking good so far!!

  2. I love the cubes...where did she get these? Are there 2 sets of 8 and 2 sets of 4?
    Thanks...Judy Mersman

  3. Homemakers, if I'm not mistaken, but I will check! -Janet

  4. The cube shelving is from Homemakers. Each side is a complete unit -- 12 cubes/unit. The baskets came from Target. Dawn


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