Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dawn's Scrap Room - Part 1

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
In addition to paper crafts, one of my favorite activities is ORGANIZING! That's why I'm so excited about Dawn's scrap room project. Back in January, Dawn vowed that 2013 would be the year she would re-do her craft space (read her resolution here) and I'm happy to report that she has made big-time progress toward her goal!

In today's post, I'll share some photos of what Dawn has accomplished in just a few days' time. This is proof that if you set your mind on a specific goal, you can truly accomplish big things! 

 Dawn is lucky to have a nice first floor room with big windows. But as you can see in these BEFORE pictures, her work space could be just a TAD bit more organized! :)

Dawn loves the wall color (as do I!) so plans to keep it the same. 

Here's a view of the other side of the room before she got started.

The first step in any reorganization project is to clear out the room. This is Dawn's living room after she moved all the stuff out of her craft space. She also took over other rooms in the house, including her bedroom. OH, MY! Things always look darkest before the DAWN, right??? (Sorry...could not resist!)

 Here's the room all cleared out! As you can see, Dawn started with a carpeted space.

Funny story: Dawn and I talked about flooring options one day last week and by noon that same day, she had been to the store and picked out new hardwood. A contractor happened to be at the store and offered to install it that very day, so before the day was over, she had her new floor in place! How awesomely speedy is that? I love the look of this floor with her wall color!

Dawn is planning to use the closet for storage. When I re-organized my craft room last summer, I decided to use my walk-in closet as the main storage area for my supplies. I absolutely love my closet space (see it here) and am excited to see how Dawn decides to use her closet!
Stay tuned for more updates about Dawn's scrap room project! Wait until you see the storage cubes and desk she purchased!

Thanks for the inspiration, Dawn!

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