Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Crafting Resolutions - Part 1

 Hello, Memory Bound friends! 
Awhile back, I asked the Memory Bound gals to think about their crafting goals for 2013. I'll admit that I initially got a somewhat lukewarm response to my request. LOL But, like any dedicated blogger, I would NOT take "no" for an answer! :)

Why do you suppose that we're sometimes reluctant to create goals for the New Year? It's because we usually don't succeed!

But there two things that we can all do to make SURE that we DO achieve our 2013 goals:

1) Share our goals! Research indicates that if you share your goals with a friend, you're more likely to be successful! So I reminded the Memory Bound gals that if we all share our goals publicly and report on our progress, we're almost SURE to be successful! :)

2) Identify the barriers to success. What kept us from achieving our goals last year? For example, I fell short of my scrapbooking goals because I did not set aside time each week to work on my albums. I'm going to change that this year so that I can be successful!
So, with just a LITTLE bit of arm twisting, my Memory Bound pals committed to some awesome (and very achievable!) crafting goals for 2013. Take a look at the goals of five of the Memory Bound gals in this post, with more to follow in a future post. We hope that by sharing our 2013 Crafting Resolutions, we can inspire YOU to achieve your paper crafting goals this year!

Amanda is expecting her second child in April, so this year she's looking to streamline her scrapbooking. With a new baby and a busy toddler, she knows she won't have a lot of time to spend completing layouts. 

Says Amanda: "This year I am planning to do more of a "Project Life" style of scrapbooking. I probably won't do a picture a day, but I will mostly be using pocket page protectors and just dropping in my photos and journaling. I will try to incorporate some traditional layouts throughout the albums on occasion for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I would much rather them have albums full of pictures and stories then uncompleted albums with random layouts!" 

Great news for our Memory Bound friends: Dawn and Kellie ordered Becky Higgins' "Project Life" for Memory Bound, so be on the lookout for it soon!


Diane, our store manager, is one of the most productive people I've ever met. Whatever the project, she gets it done! This year, she's planning to continue with the series of mini-albums she's making for her second grandson, Gavin. Her goal is to finish Gavin's Easter and summer albums so they'll be ready for her daughter, Jill, to just add pictures in the years to come.

Click HERE to read more about Diane's mini-albums. If you'd like to do something similar in the New Year, stop in and let us help you get started!


Betsy has a great list of very achievable goals for this year. Here's what she's hoping to accomplish:

"First up is to get my craft nook organized and become the workable space I need. I'm going to use the storage containers I've already purchased to organize my space. 

I want to finish the Christmas book I started for my mom.

I'd like to get started on my wedding album - not with finishing it, but doing a storyboard for the space, selecting photos, and writing some journal entries. 

I'd also like to finish the baby album project I started awhile back for a friend."

 Betsy's first goal of getting organized is one that a lot of us share! Having recently reorganized my own space, I can tell you that you WILL get a lot more accomplished if you have a functional and inspiring place to work! If you'd like some advice on getting organized for the New Year, stop in and let us help you!

Bonnie and her family recently moved into a temporary house while their new home is being built. As a result, Bonnie had to pack up all of her scrapbooking supplies! During 2013, she'll be doing a lot of her scrapbooking at Memory Bound in our crop room. Bonnie said:

"My goal is to find my supplies (somewhere in the 25 boxes labeled "scrapbooking") and get reorganized after the new house is built!"

This is a good reminder that our work room is almost always available for cropping free of charge, provided we're not having a large class or event. Just give us a call at (515) 965-1102 if you'd like to spend a day or afternoon cropping at Memory Bound! 

 Dawn, one of our store owners, is planning to re-organize her scrapbooking room at home this year.

I'm very excited about this project and am looking forward to helping Dawn achieve her goal. If she's willing, I hope we can share her progress on the blog! :)

How about YOU? What are your crafting goals for 2013? Whatever project you'd like to tackle this year, stop by Memory Bound and let us help you get started!

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