Friday, January 18, 2013

Maggie's Tulle Balls are BACK!

 Hello, Memory Bound friends! 
You may remember the tulle balls Maggie made last year for our Wedding Showcase (see photos here). Well, Maggie is back at it again! She's started on a new batch of tulle balls for this year's wedding event, and she's got the technique down to a science!

  Maggie joked that we we could have called this post "From Toilet Paper to Tulle Balls!" as her expertise with tulle balls actually dates back to her childhood growing up on the farm. As a little girl, she would tear apart toilet paper squares and stack them together to create fluffy flowers, spraying them with perfume when they were finished!

 To make your own tulle balls, you'll need squares of tulle. Did you know that Memory Bound sells tulle by the yard? Dawn can order just about any color you need for your big event. Our tulle is 54" wide and sells for $1.99 per yard.
Maggie recently showed me how her fluffy tulle balls are made. To make a 9x9 tulle ball, Maggie started with 36 9x9 squares of tulle stacked together. She cut a few strips of tulle and tied it very tightly around the center.

Here's where Maggie has perfected her fluffing technique! She grabs a few layers of tulle and tugs them upward toward the center, alternating sides as she goes.

 As she does this, the tulle ball gradually starts to take shape. Once it's completely fluffed, Maggie gives it a little "haircut", trimming off any uneven edges.

And here's a completed tulle ball, this one created with 12x12 squares. These tulle balls make wonderful (and economical!) ceiling decorations for weddings, showers, or any other type of event. Just hang them with fishing line!
Maggie will have lots and lots of tulle balls on display at our Wedding Showcase, which will take place on February 23 and 24. Click here to read more about it in our newsletter!

If you're interested in ordering tulle, stop in to discuss available colors and place your order! We'll be happy to show you how to make your own tulle ball decorations.

Thanks, Maggie, for sharing your expertise with us!

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