Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FREE Beginners' Scrapbooking Classes

Happy New Year to our Memory Bound friends! 
A new year is the perfect time for a fresh start, and sometimes that means getting back to the basics. If you or someone you know would like to get started scrapbooking in the new year,  I invite you to join us for our FREE Beginners' Scrapbooking Class. If you've never scrapbooked a page in your life, or if you'd like to re-focus on the fundamentals this year, our class is the perfect place to start!

At Memory Bound, we've been offering very successful Beginners' Scrapbooking Classes since the store opened 11+ years ago. Over the years, we've helped thousands of people get started in scrapbooking! In addition to new folks, lots of experienced crafters come to our class for a refresher. Many people start scrapbooking on their own without any instruction, so they find that coming to a class provides them with the fundamentals they may have missed.
In our Beginners' Class, we discuss the PRODUCTS needed to get started in scrapbooking as well as the PROCESS of making a page. Then we assist each student individually in creating a layout. Along the way, we discuss color and design principles and look at lots of samples so students can start to determine their own scrapbooking style.

Our next Beginners' Scrapbooking Classes are scheduled for January 6, January 18, February 4, and February 17. See our newsletter for all the details and give us a call to register! Whether you're new to scrapbooking or need a fresh start in the new year, I would love to have you join us for a Beginners' Scrapbooking Class in 2013!

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