Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Crafting Resolutions - Part 2

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
Welcome to Part 2 of Our Crafting Resolutions for 2013! In this post, five more of our Memory Bound staff members will bravely state their crafting goals publicly! If you missed Part 1 of this post, you can catch it here.  

We hope that by sharing our goals with you, we'll inspire you achieve your own goals this year! Of course, we all hope that we don't fall short:

Gloria has started on an ambitious project this year: Planning and creating a multi-purpose crafting space in her basement! Gloria enjoys several kinds of crafts so her room will be designed with that in mind. We're all anxious to hear about the process and see her completed space! I hope we can share some of Gloria's photos with you as her room project progresses.

This year, Gloria also plans to make more cards and try to use up some of her paper crafting stash! 
 Janet (that's me!):

 I fell short on my paper crafting goals last year, so I'm going to repeat them this year with high expectations of a better result! Last year I spent considerable time organizing and completing my craft room, and this year I want to put the space to good use.

 My big goal for this year is to schedule scrapbooking time for myself each week to work on scrapbook pages and other projects. I didn't do this regularly last year, and that's why I fell short of my goals.

I always tell students in my Beginners' scrapbooking classes to edit, print, and back-up digital files regularly. If you don't do it regularly, it's very easy to fall behind. Guess what? I fell WAY behind last year so this is a top priority for me in early 2013.

I plan to finish the Disney/Harry Potter album I started many moons ago. I have the photos organized and the supplies purchased, so I just need to set aside time to do it!

Katie is taking a different approach to scrapbooking this year. With two young boys, she and her husband are always on the go, so she wants to keep things simple, up to date, and organized. 

In Katie's words: I am going to try to scrap in monthly mini albums. I find that my December Daily is doable, so I am going to try this technique of scrapping and documenting things that happen each month. 

Note: Read more about the December Daily concept HERE and HERE.

For organization, I'm also going to sort through my supplies and do some hard-core purging! I can't continue the motto, "I might use this someday." I hope to sell it at the next Memory Bound garage sale!

Note: Watch for more information coming soon about our next big garage sale!

For organizing photos, I bought an Iris photo keeper (it has 16 small 4x6 photo keepers inside) and have labeled each keeper for each month. My goal is to print the photos at the end of each month and place them into the corresponding keeper. To keep me on track, I placed the photo keeper in an area that is easily accessible and visible!

Note: Stop by Memory Bound to check out the Iris photo boxes Katie references. We have them in two sizes -- the large one pictured above and a smaller box half this size. This is one of our favorite photo organization tools! Psst: It's also perfect for storing Copic Markers and embellishments!
I also love to do "traditional" (12x12) scrapbooking but am still playing around with how to accomplish this, since I'm also planning to do monthly mini-albums. As of right now, I think I'll plan to "traditionally scrapbook" my favorite photos from throughout the year and place them in a 12x12 album. 

 In order to keep up date with all of my goals, I am going to try to do a little each day instead of tons in a few days!


Kellie, one of our store owners, has several great goals for the New Year:

Says Kellie: For starters in 2013, I’d like to finish my 2012 junk-binders (AKA mini scrapbooks). I enjoyed creating them and love that these two little books show so much of what we did last year. 

Then I have 3 for-sure projects on the list:   
1. Start a mini-book to preserve 2013 memories using the Sn@p binders from Simple Stories.   
2. Create a scrapbook for our trip to Florida last summer.  
3. Start an album for our new grandson Daniel!


Maggie also has several projects planned for 2013:
She is planning to finish her grandson Eli's baby book in time for his first birthday in November.

She's also working on a wedding planner book for her son Alex's fiance for their April wedding.

And, like many of us, Maggie is hoping to find the perfect storage and organization systems for her scrap room!

* * * * *
So there you have it -- our crafting goals for 2013! We will plan to report on our progress as the year progresses...and hopefully we'll have a LOT of progress to report! 

How about you? What are your goals for the New Year? Whether it's organizing your stash, starting a SN@P mini-album, or finishing that wedding album, stop by Memory Bound and let us help you be successful in 2013! 

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