Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Staff Project: Diane's Hawaii Album

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
Have you ever noticed how a product can change everything? On a recent visit to my dad's house, I noticed that he still has some phones with rotary dials and cords! When was the last time you used a rotary dial phone? Or were tethered to the wall because the phone cord would only reach so far? :) With the advent of cell phones -- specifically smart phones -- we have amazing power at our fingertips, no matter where we go. This technology has transformed just about every aspect of communication.

Divided photo sleeves are having a similar effect on scrapbooking! No longer do we need to feel "tied" to scrapbooking every single photo. Now we can just slip photos into the slots. With this approach, you spend less time designing pages but still preserve the memories!

  We R Memory Keepers was one of the first companies to make this product, and now they have several configurations available. This is the 4x6 horizontal:

This is the 4x4 square, perfect for "older" (HA!) square photos from the 70's. Remember those? Katie used a lot of these page protectors in the beautiful heritage albums she created awhile back. If you missed it, take a look at her projects in this post.

There are many great ways to incorporate photo sleeves into your scrapbooking. You can create an entire album with them or intermix them with traditionally scrapbooked pages for a fun and eclectic approach. Diane, our store manager, recently finished a 12x12 album documenting her 2011 trip to Hawaii using photo sleeves combined with traditional pages. "This album went together so quickly," shared Diane. "This is how I'll do all of my scrapbooking from now on!"

Here are a few peeks into Diane's beautiful project. She used a 12x12 We R Memory Keepers ring-bound album, which  accommodates a LOT of pages!

Diane scrapbooked her favorite photos from the trip and mixed in the divided photo sleeves. Here's her "traditionally scrapbooked" cover page: 

Diane used the same color scheme/product line throughout her album, which gives it a cohesive look and feel. Here are two more of her great 12x12 pages:

Diane had tons of amazing nature photos, so she slipped them into the divided photo sleeves and interspersed them throughout her album. She added labels to some photos and cardstock behind others.

 On this page, she reserved one of the slots for journaling. She formatted her journaling into a 4x6 text block and slipped it into a slot. Easy...and done!

Diane used her white Uniball pen to write directly on some of her photos. This creates a fun "postcard" type of look!

 She also made a few pockets for maps and brochures. This is a great way to incorporate memorabilia from your trip into an album and makes it easy to access!

If you're facing a big album project but aren't sure where to start, stop in and let us introduce you to the We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeves. Just as smart phones changed the way we communicate, this product will transform the way you approach scrapbooking! 

Thanks to Diane for sharing her beautiful album with us!


  1. love it!! You just inspired me for my family vacation album!!

  2. Awesome, Amber! You'll love the 3-ring binders and sleeves! -Janet-

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful album! I have so many pictures that need a home from our trips to Oahu, Kauai and Maui!


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