Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dawn's Scrap Room - Part 3

 Hello, Memory Bound friends!
Over the past few days, we've been having fun seeing the progress Dawn is making on her scrap room! In Part 1, she cleared the room of everything, just like they do on HGTV. :) In Part 2, handy hubby Dennis put together her new desk and cube system. In today's post, you'll see the room starting to come together!

Dawn enlisted help from her daughter Amanda and son-in-law Sean. They spray-painted a shelf she dug out of her brother's garage ages ago.

 They also spray painted an old school table Dawn had saved and sealed them both with polyurethane. Wait until you see how these pieces look in Dawn's new space!

 After the big pieces were assembled and placed in the room, Dawn started moving her supplies back into the space.

You can see progress...but she still has a bit more to do! :) Notice how she placed her counter-height desk in the center of the room. This makes it accessible from all sides.

Here's another of Dawn's helpers...ALMOST sleeping on the job!

Dawn found her desk and cube shelving units at Homemakers. I love the shelves on the side of the desk! She found the canvas bins to fit the cubes at Target.

 As you're organizing your space, one of the questions you need to think about is this: Do you prefer "open" or "closed" storage? If you like to see your supplies so you'll remember what you have, then you'll like open storage containers (such as clear jars) which allow you to see the contents. If you prefer to see only the supplies you're working with for a particular project, then you'll like closed storage (such as canvas bins which hide the contents). Dawn decided she prefers open storage, so she is keeping that in mind as she looks for storage solutions. 

 The closet is going to provide lots of storage space for her supplies. I'm excited to see how she organizes it!

 I know I shared this picture in our last post, but it's so cute I need to share it again! I hope Dawn kept that bottom cube open for Sunny!

Sunny even matches the space! :)
 Stay tuned as Dawn continues to make progress in her beautiful room! Thanks for the inspiration, Dawn!

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