Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Headstones!!

Hello, Mixed Media Friends!!

I have a super cool project to share with you today! Even a new mixed media artist can create this one. How do I know that? Because this was my first Mixed Media project and as the saying goes, "If I can I can do it, so can you!"

This was my inspiration.
 We actually used these last year during the Christmas season to create a winter house home decor project. When I came across them this year, I said, "Don't these look like gravestones!"

So, I took them home and painted them with a Silver Paint Dabber.

I knew the look I wanted, an old worn cement look, but I just wasn't able to achieve it. Back to the store my headstones go...I need help!!  Dawn suggested using Ranger Texture Paste with a Tim Holtz stencil. Loved the paste, but the stencil was too "neat." 

Then, stepped in Maggie, the Mixed Media specialist!  

She suggested using Paint Dabbers to change the color of the texture paste. I wanted a mud look, so I added brown paint to the texture paste. I did this by putting a blob of paste on a splat mat then mixing the paint in with my spatula.  We decided to add a little black paint for some "grit" to the mud. Presto...I was getting the look I had invisioned!!

Being a rookie with all this product, Maggie demonstrated how to smear and glob the paste on to my project.  AMAZING!!! She is one crafty girl with a spatula!!

Now to take you through a few more deatils.
This was the product I used. Seriously, all I used was Texture Paste, Paint Dabbers in Silver, White, Brown, Green and Black (not shown.) Oh...and a spatula. All the "extra pieces" are cut from the Silhouette. 

 Here is our very messy splat mat where we did our mixing.

The first headstone.
Maggie globed on the paste. If you hear "scrapping" when applying the paste, you are spreading it too thin. Good advice!  Diane then suggested to push the date (cut from the silhoutte) into the paste. PERFECT!! Now the date looks engraved into the headstone! We also added some green colored paste to the zombie hands...made them look even creepier!  (hard to see in this picture)

We continued in the same manner on the second headstone. I wanted the bottom of the headstone to look as if it were covered with mud. I think we got it! Maggie even scraped her spatula clean on the edges...the big globs left behind were perfect! I would have never thought of that!!

More of the same! I know..super easy!! We decided the letters being "off" instead of straight, gave a great look! Maggie added a bit of green towards the bottom of each headstone for the slight look of grass. Brilliant! 

The final prodcut!
I absolutely love it!!
If I do say so myself, it is a must see to get the full effect. It is just what I had in my mind! And much to my happiness, I learned that mixed media isn't that scary, but actually fun!! I really enjoyed the entire process and look forward to my next mixed media project!!

I also have to thank all the girls that helped me out and gave brilliant ideas on what to try out on my headstones. As Maggie said, "Four spatulas are better then one!" 

Hope to see you at the store soon, checking out our headstones as well as all of the other Halloween ideas and kits!

Happy Creating!!

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