Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dawn's Scrap Room - Part 4

  Hello, Memory Bound friends! 
We've been following the progress of Dawn's scrap room and I'm happy to report that, other than a few finishing touches, she has finished it up! Dawn loves her new space and has had a great time creating projects in it. "There's a place for everything, and I know where to find things!" she reports.

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As you can see in the photos below, Dawn's room looks fantastic! In her words: "I still have a bit more organization to do but for the most part, the big stuff is done. I have a place for everything and still some room. I plan to put baskets in all the big shelves. I am also planning to hang pictures between the two big shelves."

Dawn's Cropper Hopper carts are filled with patterned paper and cardstock and fit perfectly under the table. (Unfortunately these carts are no longer available.) 

Dawn adds: "Do you notice where my Big Shot, Cricut, and trimmer are? I love that they are easily accessible!" 

Dawn found these baskets at Target which fit perfectly on her shelves.They will hold a lot of supplies!

 Do you remember the old school table and shelf that Dawn's daughter and son-in-law spray painted? (Click HERE for pictures.) Here's the completed piece in Dawn's new space! I love how they work together.

And here it is, complete with a splat mat and all ready to go!

Here are some close-up photos of the shelves after Dawn put her supplies on them. She is still looking for more of the tin loaf pans which fit perfectly. Dawn adds: "I have all of the "slats" to fill the shelves but chose to take a few out so I could fit some taller items on the shelves."

Dawn has already created several projects in her new scrap room! Dawn loves her new does Sunny!
Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, Dawn! We wish you many crafty days in your beautifully organized space!


  1. How was the closet organized?

  2. Dawn has taken pictures of her closet and we'll be sharing them soon! -Janet-


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