Friday, June 28, 2013

Dawn's Scrap Room - Part 6

 Hello, Memory Bound friends!
Dawn has been hard at work on her new scrap room this summer, and we've all enjoyed watching her progress! (Click HERE to see our last post in the series.) Many of us have been wondering how Dawn utilized the wonderful double closet in the room, and now we have pictures! :)

 Lucky for Dawn, her closet was already outfitted with wire shelving. She decided to move many of her plastic drawers and containers onto the closet shelving. As you can see in the photos below, now that she is all organized, Dawn has plenty of additional space left for more supplies!

 One of the challenges with wire shelving is that smaller items sometimes tip over. As you can see on the shelf with the albums, Dawn solved this problem by placing a sheet of chipboard on the shelf. (You can also buy huge,1/8" thick acrylic sheets at the hardware store and have them cut to fit your shelves.)

 One of the most important things you can do when organizing your space is to LABEL, LABEL, LABEL everything! This makes it 97% more likely (OK, I'm just making up that statistic but I'm sure it's true!) for your stuff to be put back where it belongs! :)

As you can see, Dawn labeled everything! This makes crafting both fun AND efficient!
Thanks, Dawn, for giving us a peek inside your awesome closet space! We hope Dawn's scrap room project has inspired you to get organized this summer. If you need advice or products to organize your supplies, stop by Memory Bound and let us help you get started!

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