Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dawn's Scrap Room - Part 5

 Hello, Memory Bound friends! 
This is the final post about Dawn's beautiful new scrap room! We've been following along as she transformed an unused bedroom into a wonderful creative space in a matter of just a few days. It's amazing what you can do once you set a goal and focus on it!

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 Last week, Dawn added some finishing touches to her room. This is an important step in the process because creative spaces need to be both ORGANIZED and INSPIRING!

  First, Dawn made this curtain to cover an existing shade which was too expensive to replace. It pulls together her color scheme!

  Next, Dawn started planning a photo collage for the wall above her shelves. Have you ever tried to hang pictures in a collage format? It is challenging, to say the least! Lucky for us, Dawn's daughter came to the rescue. Dawn says: "My darling daughter Amanda mentioned an idea she saw on Pinterest. Make the same size images from newspaper of the pictures you want to hang. Then put them on the wall so you know where to put the nails. Oh, my goodness! Why haven't I done this before? It made hanging our 6 pictures so much easier!"


The finished collage looks great! I love the black and white photos with the mix of frames.

Finally, Dawn wanted to create some art for her room. Here's how she did it: 

"This glass is an old window Amanda found in Iowa City for me. We painted a verse on it with car window paint. She painted the printed words and I did the cursive. Now I have a beautiful saying that we painted together. The entire piece cost me $6.

Window - $2
Window paint - $3.50
Brackets for hanging - $.50
Time spent with Amanda - PRICELESS!!!"

As a side note, Memory Bound now carries car window paint! Dawn and Amanda could have made the window project with vinyl letters cut with a Cricut, too.

 We have loved watching Dawn transform her space. Now she never wants to leave it! We are excited to see all the beautiful projects she will create in her organized and inspiring room.

Thanks for sharing your amazing project with us, Dawn!

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