Thursday, December 18, 2014

Inking Gumdrops...

Hello, Memory Bound Friends!
Gloria came into the store super excited to share what she had created!  (We do this a lot at the store, show and tell! ) Gloria takes out a package of Tim Holtz's Gumdrops and empties them out on the counter. There was a collective gasp at what we saw!  These absolutely stunning colored Gumdrops!
(The picture does not do them justice!)
Of course we all instantly asked, "How did you do that?"

Good news! This technique is so easy, that ANYONE can achieve this look with a few supplies!

First, take a package of Tim Holtz Gumdrops and lay them out on a splat mat.
Next, choose a Tim Holtz ink color from his 48 available colors of inks!

Drop one or two drops (yep, that's all you need!) right onto the gumdrop and allow to dry!

That's it!
How easy was that? 
The gumdrops would look amazing on any project and give it that special little touch!

We then took it one step further and grabbed some Tim Holtz Memo Pins.

Added a couple drops of Glossy Accents and created a pin that will stick into any project or ribbon, adding a touch of sparkle!

Think of how many of these little gems you can create with just one box of Gumdrops, a box of Memo Pins and a couple colors of Ink!
The possibilities are really endless!!
Thank you, Gloria!!

What will you create today?


  1. If you're a copic person, you can also color them with your copics (or any alcohol inks for that matter)!

  2. When I saw Gloria's gumdrops, I had to buy some, too! It is so fun to see how quickly the alcohol ink colors them! They are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration, Gloria!


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