Friday, February 28, 2014

Wendy Vecchi's Embossing Pastes

Hello, Mixed Media Memory Bound Fans!
Wendy Vecchi's embossing paste is in the house and boy it is amazing!! If you enjoy mixed media and/or Tim Holt products, then this is the perfect addition to your supplies. I have a feeling it will definitely become a "must have" on many mixed media artist lists!
The embossing paste comes in gold, silver, white and black.
A plus with this product, is that you can use the paste with EVERY SINGLE TIM HOLTZ PRODUCT...his distress inks, his alcohol inks, his sprays...everything! The embossing paste can be used dry, wet, on stencils or you can create your own color of embossing paste! 
Wendy, herself, explains all these options and more in the following video.  As she demonstrates, using this product is pretty easy! What I find most amazing is that she is able to wear a white shirt while demoing all these products!!

So, what do you think? Can you see some embossing paste in your future? I'm not even a mixed media girl, but I may just have to give this paste a try!

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