Monday, February 10, 2014

Trendwatch: Black & White

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
I recently watched Breakfast at Tiffany's on Netflix. If you've ever seen that movie, you can't help but notice Audrey Hepburn's amazing wardrobe. Of particular note is the black dress with the white pearls she wears in the opening scene. This is one of the most iconic movie images of all time. Even though the movie was filmed in 1961, her dress is timeless. Black and white just never goes out of style.

 Whether in home decor or fashion, the timeless look of black and white is getting a lot of attention these days. As Dawn spotted recently in this issue of Life & Style magazine, the black and white color scheme can also look fresh and new when paired with today's styles.

Black and white prints are also popular right now in home decor. From window treatments... baskets, you're sure to find black and white patterns most anywhere you look.

 The black and white color scheme takes center stage in the chalkboard art which is so popular right now. In fact, you could even argue that the chalkboard trend STARTED a resurgence of black and white color schemes in fashion and home decor. I'm not sure which came first, but it seems that black and white is to stay!

While black and white is timeless, it's also a very versatile color scheme. Just add another color or two for a completely different look. (And yes, spring really IS just around the corner!)

Trends in fashion and home decor make their way into paper crafting, and this one is no exception. We have lots of black and white products at Memory Bound, and the new Chalk Studio II collection from My Mind's Eye is one of our favorites!  Some elements of this line have been paired with colors for an updated, fresh look.

And here's where paper crafting and home decor meet: My Mind's Eye created 8x10 Word Art, ready to be framed! How fun is that?

Take a look around you this week and watch for black and white color schemes. Then stop in soon and check out some of our great black and white products! Timeless yet fresh, you just can't go wrong with this trend!

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