Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday NSW Special & Pocket Page Heritage Projects

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
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Each day this week we are sharing an album using pocket pages made by one of our staff members. Today we are featuring two heritage projects. As you will see here, pocket pages can be used for much more than everyday photos! 

A couple of years ago we shared Katie's heritage albums on our blog. You can read the entire post (which includes many more photos of her beautiful albums) HERE
One of the things that I immediately noticed about Katie's albums was her use of pocket pages. I hadn't really considered using pocket pages for older photos until I saw her project...and the light bulb went on for me!

Take a look at how she used a 9-pocket page for older square photos. I love how she broke up the "grid" of this page with journaling and larger sticker letters.

 Here she used small labels to add details to the photos. The pockets enabled her to include 8 photos on her page!

I have TONS of older square photos and plan to use pocket pages to get them in an album, thanks to Katie's inspiration!

 She used a 4-pocket page some larger photos with heavy mats as well as some journaling.

Katie's albums are full of her family's history. They're truly heirlooms that her family will treasure for years to come! Thanks for the inspiration, Katie!


Our second project is a vintage postcard album I'm currently making. When I was sorting through some of my late grandma's things last fall, I discovered a box of old postcards, most of which had been mailed to my grandma's brother. I wanted to put them into an album but still be able to read the backs of the postcards, so pocket pages were perfect!

I used the same 6x8 SN@P albums that Jana used for her puppy albums (see this post HERE). My album contains 34 sleeves, so it has space for 68 postcards -- and it is almost full of postcards! I left some empty sleeves because I'm pretty sure I'll find more postcards in the remaining boxes I have yet to sort.

The album comes with three heavy dividers which I covered with paper. I will be adding photos of Grandma and her brother to these pages, as well as a note about the postcards, in order to give some context to this project.

When I first assembled the album, I started by sorting the postcards by holiday or season. The great thing about pocket pages is that I can change my mind and sort them another way in the future.

The album starts with New Year's postcards. These are two of my favorites. For each season, I've been removing one of my favorite postcards and displaying it on a small easel on our entryway table. Pocket pages make it easy to do this!

Some of the postcards are from local attractions.

I love how the sender simply wrote the recipient's name and street address needed!

Many pages are devoted to Christmas postcards. Each one is very different and colorful! I used several of these postcards in my Christmas decorating last year.

If you have heritage projects to do, consider mixing in a few pocket pages! Pocket pages make it quick and easy incorporate lots of photos into your album and access them easily to share or display. Stop in and let us help you get started!


  1. I was wondering if Katie used the original photos or if she scanned them and reprinted? Thanks.

  2. Hi, Jodee-- Here is Katie's response!
    I actually photo copied some of the older pictures at Memory Bound to "enhance" the faded color of the original photo. I also photo copied newspaper articles due to the original ones having faded and eventually will fade to the point of being unreadable. Several of the photos, though are originals. Thanks for your question! -Katie-


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