Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inventory & Insure Your Craft Supplies

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
We love spring, but this time of year often brings the threat of severe weather. Just this past weekend, tornadoes hit parts of Iowa and caused considerable damage to homes. Memory Bound staff member Diana knows all too well the dangers of this time of year, having tragically lost her home many years ago to a tornado. 

With this sad event always in the back of her mind, Diana recently read a blog post that spurred her into action. Like many of us, Diana has a lot of craft supplies. But she had never taken the time to create a detailed inventory for insurance purposes. In fact, she wasn't sure if her insurance would begin to cover the value of her craft room supplies in the event of a disaster.

Being a true scrapbooker, Diana didn't just make a LIST...she created a scrapbook inventory! She started with a 12x12 album and filled it with pocket pages. Then she took detailed photos of all of her tools and supplies, opening drawers and cupboards to fully document everything.

After the photos were printed, she slipped them into pockets, leaving one space free on each page for her inventory list.

Diana plans to take her completed album to her insurance agent to determine if her current level of coverage is sufficient to cover the cost of replacing her supplies.

Special Note: In addition to creating an inventory of your craft supplies, it's also very important to have a plan in place to save (or replace) your photos and albums in the event of a disaster. Be sure to back up your photos online or to a CD or external hard drive. At Memory Bound, we can also scan complete albums and save them to a CD for just 75 cents per page, plus $5.99 for the CD.  

Thanks to Diana for this important reminder and for sharing her project with us! We all hope we never have occasion to need such an inventory, but it's a very smart idea to have one just in case. Pocket pages make the documentation process easy. Great idea, Diana! 

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