Monday, April 14, 2014

Preserve Your Favorite Family Recipes!

 Hello, Memory Bound friends!
I recently had occasion to sift through my grandma's collection of recipes. There are certain l recipes that I associate with her -- the cream cheese mints she made for everyone's graduation parties, her creamy cabbage salad, and the date pinwheel cookies we hoped to see each Christmas, to name a few.

As I looked through Grandma's recipe boxes, I was reminded that recipes represent so much more than a list of ingredients. Just reading her recipe for sugar cookies magically transported me back to our annual Christmas Eve cookie decorating party, where my cousins and I would be up to our elbows in frosting. Grandma always had to help us with the coconut on Santa's beard! Recipes trigger memories, and those memories connect us to family across generations. Just like photos, recipes are an important part of our family story!

I hope you'll join Pat at her upcoming Homespun Recipe Binder class. You'll create a beautiful album ready to preserve your favorite family recipes...and the memories they evoke! Check out the details below, then give us a call at (515) 965-1102 to register!


 Homespun Recipe Binder
Monday, April 28, 6-7:30pm

Instructor: Pat Ferin

Fee: $32 / Skill Level: Any 

Bring Basic Class Kit.  

Capture your favorite recipes using the popular SN@P! Binder and new Homespun collection. You’ll receive the red 6x8 binder, divider pages (coated for stain resistance!), recipe cards, stickers, papers, & extra pocket pages for additional recipes. See how easy it is to capture your favorite recipes in one convenient binder to give as a wedding gift, family keepsake, or keep for yourself!

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