Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello Scrapbook Celebrators!

Hello, National Scrapbook Celebrators!

What an amazing week so far! Hopefully you have been inspired by some of our pocket pages album posts! Today's special is a must get to the store as fast as I can and stock up...because...
Today's special is..

YES...all album pages!
So if you have been inspired to create a couple of pocket pages or inspired to try out pocket page scrapbooking, then this is a great opportunity!

Onto today's pocket page album created by me, Katie!
I have always loved Becky Higgins Project Life idea, but honestly, it overwhelmed me at the same time.  So instead of scrapping each week, as Becky Higgins suggests, I actually scrap a month. Let me share....

I collect pictures and memorabilia (stuff) that I want to include in the scrapbook, throughout the month. Then I sit down and create pockets (not pages) of the events that I want to remember for the month. Take a peek...
Here, my boys put together a Lego theater over Christmas break. I used one of my favorite pocket pages, the three 4x6  horizontal pockets and two vertical 4x6 pockets. The configuration was perfect for a few pictures and journaling of the "event."

When I scrap, I use all different sizes of pages in my albums. Here I am using an 8.5x11 page refill for a newspaper article. I included a photo right on the article instead of placing it in it's own pocket.

Here I used the basic Project Life pocket page. It has four 4x6 pockets and four 4x3 pockets. I am crazy for the 4x3 journaling cards that so many companies are now releasing. They are so easy to add a few words using stickers and then journaling. SO fast! Again, these are random events and memories in these pockets throughout the month, not the week.

Another 8.5x11 pocket page holding random items I came across this month. Each item did not warrant it's own separate pocket, so I slid them all into one...done!

My favorite pocket page again! This time, I used two of the 4x6 pockets as 4x3 pockets! That is another "plus" when using pocket pages, you can change the dimensions and configurations of the pockets to fit your needs. I have also been know to cut pages to create exactly what I need AND sew pages too!

Jack's teacher sends out a weekly newsletter with pictures. Jack's picture was included with this newsletter, so I  printed it out and slid it into an 8.5x11 pocket...EASY and DONE!

I must confess, I don't always get the entire process completed for the month in one sitting. At times I will place the pictures and memorabilia in the pockets and then go back to journal or add embellishments! I remind myself with  post-it notes!

Other times, I don't even include journaling! A few pictures and a die cut from Memory Bound is all this page needed!

I really love this process and scrapbooking with pocket pages. I have found that it is truly a fast way to scrap and I actually get things done! Hope you see something that inspires you and don't forget to get your page refills today for 25 % off!

Happy Scrappin'

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