Thursday, November 14, 2013

The GNO Ladies Get Crafty!

 Happy holiday crafting,
Memory Bound friends!
The ladies who attended our recent Girls' Night Out meeting got a little CRAFTY! Diane, our store manager and fearless leader, organized a fun gift-bag making session for us. Everyone took home a decorated bag ready for the holidays. It was a super-fun and easy project, and a great way to personalize your gift packaging! It would be a wonderful activity to do with a group of friends or kids!

To make gift bags, you need just THREE things -- well, FOUR, if you count your index finger! -- a paper bag, a plastic stencil, and Inka Gold Metallic Rub. If you've never worked with this product, it's the smoothest, silkiest cream you've ever touched! It comes in beautifully rich colors. A little goes a long way when making bags! You simply place the stencil on the bag, put a little Metallic Rub on your index finger, then rub it in the openings on the stencil.

 We started by choosing stencils and colors, then got to work. Here you see RaNae, Janice, and Karen in full concentration! :)

 You can see how serious the group was! NOT! LOL Janis and Diana would NOT hold still for the picture, they were giggling so much! I love the look on Jill's face! :)

Oops, I almost cut Janis out of the picture! Next to Janis we have Diana, Jill, Jennifer (our newest Memory Bound employee!), and Peggy.

In addition to stenciling, we stamped greetings on the bags.

Janice and Karen are making progress!

Here you can see that Peggy used green Metallic Rub on her stencil.

Karen added a gold star at the top of her tree.


 Jennifer created a pretty red tree.

And here you can see Jill working diligently while Janis and Diana got silly again! You can see how much they were bouncing! 

Janis did finish her project! :)

As you can see, we had a lot of craftiness going on! Some ladies added doilies and trim to their gift bags. Each one was different and unique!

And here we are with our completed bags!
It couldn't be easier to make beautiful gift bags for the holidays. Stop in to Memory Bound and we'd be happy to show you several samples and help you find everything you need to make your own!
Happy holiday crafting!


  1. I surely do miss all of you ladies and the fun times that you are having at GNO!! (((hugs))) to all of you. SJW

  2. We miss you, too, Sharon! Hope to see you back in Iowa soon.

  3. I just bought some of the metallic rub. Did you just use your fingers to spread it on?

  4. Yep, just put some on your index finger and rub it on the stencil! Works great. Have fun!


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