Monday, May 14, 2012

Our 2012 Scrapping Resolutions: Update!

Back in January, many of our Memory Bound staff members created Scrapping Resolutions for 2012 (read the post HERE). Now it's May...and I thought I'd do a quick check to see what kind of progress we're all making! Needless to say, life sort of got in the way for many of us (myself included!), so we haven't all made the kind of progress we'd hoped to by this point in the year. But we still have high hopes for productivity...and 6.5 more months left in the year!

A few of us, however, have been SUPER productive! Mindy hasn't had time to work on her resolutions, but she did complete an adorable Christmas mini-album with photos and stories from throughout the month of December 2011. That's a BIG accomplishment! Mindy should add this to her list of 2012 Resolutions...and immediately check it off as DONE! :)

Tess wanted me to report that she has mysteriously disappeared and hasn't been heard from since that original post! LOL The truth is that she has changed her resolution to make a Disney album and is now working on birthday albums for her kids. Go, Tess, GO! :)  

Kellie's big resolution for 2012 is to keep a monthly junk binder album of things that happen throughout the year. She did this back in 2010 and really enjoys looking back at the movies and restaurants they went to, what they did for holidays, news stories, trips, etc. "It's a great way to journal a year in your life," she says. 

Kellie is doing very well on her goal! She writes: "I have a junk binder/journal going that I made with Simple Stories' (one of my favorite companies) Year-o-Graphy collection. It’s 6x9, ring-bound, and has a tab for each month. January & February are done and I’m working on March. I’ve included photos, a card from my sister-in-law, brochures, & business cards; and covered things like going to dinner, CHA with Dawn, shopping, Bunko night, and a visit to Bass Pro Shops. Let’s hope I can keep it up!" Kellie is off to a great start on her resolution!

Diana had several goals for 2012: 
* My daughter and I need to get my granddaughter's books done for graduation! 
* I want to once again purge and reorganize my SB room. (I noticed my cardstock is all out of color order!)  
* I want to do some serious scrapbooking of all things.
* I also want to come up with some really fun kids' class ideas and maybe some other class ideas, too.  

Diana retired from her nursing job in December, so we all knew she'd have PLENTY of time to accomplish all of this...and we were right! Diana accomplished a TON in a short amount of time and reports that she is LOVING retirement!
Diana's BIG, BIG accomplishment was finishing all of her granddaughter Paige's albums in time for graduation. But Diana went above and beyond that by creating all the decorations and photo displays for Paige's open house. Those of you who attended Memory Bound's Graduation Open House were lucky to see just a few of Diana's beautiful creations! I'd say she EXCEEDED that goal!
Diana continues to do a great job with the Scrappin' Kidz classes, coming up with fun projects each month for this growing group.  
She hasn't completely tackled her scrapbook room organization, but she did have her little granddaughters put her cardstock back in order--somewhat. :) 
Scrapbooking other topics -- She has all of her pictures ready to go!

Congratulations to these ladies on a job well done. You're inspiring us all with your productivity! Here's hoping it rubs off on the rest of us as we work toward finishing our resolutions for 2012! 

How about YOU? What are your goals for 2012?

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