Saturday, June 28, 2014

Save Your Travel Memories!

Hello, Memory Bound friends! 
Whether your summer plans include far away travels or a
stay-cation close to home, take your camera and scrapbook your memories!

Here are some ideas to try on your next trip:

Take photos of the journey, as well as the destination.

Record activities and events in a journal to help remember the details.

Ask everyone each day for his or her favorite memory.
Take along a tripod so you can take photos of the whole group.

Collect memorabilia such as postcards, brochures, maps, menus, foreign currency, ticket stubs, etc. Add them to your scrapbook or use them for information about your trip.

Keepsake Envelopes
Whether you want to preserve a lock of hair, a ticket stub, or special coins, the Keepsake Envelopes by Scrapbook Adhesives are perfect! They are archival to ensure safe keeping for years to come. The clear envelopes have a re-sealable flap and a permanent self-adhesive back, so you can attach them to cards or layouts. They can be decorated with paint, stickers, and even embossed!

Photo Maps
And here's a fun idea for kids (or grownups!) that Betsy found online: 

 1. Visit state. 
2. Take pictures in said state. 
3. Cut them out in the shape of said state, and adhere to map. 
You could even incorporate the maps into your scrapbook.
This would be a great way to keep track of all the places you visit.

When you're ready to get started preserving your vacation memories, stop in and check out our travel products! We'd love to help you plan your project!

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