Friday, September 27, 2013

Trick or Treat! It's Our Halloween Open House!

Trick or Treat, 
Memory Bound friends!
 I've always LOVED Halloween! I have the best memories of Beggars' Night in the small town where I grew up. Back in those days, my friends and I were allowed to go most anywhere...except to the creepy house on the corner where the scary old man always gave out apples. (Remember what happened to Snow White?!) In addition to Trick-or-Treat, I always looked forward to costume contests at our school. Over the years I dressed up as the Tooth Fairy, a bunch of grapes (in fact, I still have the felt leaves and vines from that costume!), a bottle of Chanel perfume, and a giant face with very long yarn hair, to name just a few of my favorite costumes.

Even though I'm a grown-up now (most of the time, anyway!), I still love Halloween. Instead Trick-or-Treating, now I enjoy making Halloween decorations for our home, so I'm especially excited about all the ideas the talented gals at Memory Bound have BREWING for our first-ever Halloween Open House! Be sure to stop by for all kinds of spooky inspiration! You'll find details below.

Friday, October 4, 9am-9pm
Saturday, October 5, 9am-5pm
Sunday, October 6, 12-5pm
Stop in for a “spell” and get into the “spirits” of Halloween!  We have “fang-tastic” projects, kits and tricks that will make your holiday a real treat! 
Many projects on display!
Make a Halloween book for only $5!  Sat. 11am-2pm 
(Please call us to pre-register to make this adorable project!)

 FREE Halloween stickers with purchase!
 Pre-made project kits!
Costumes & Treats! 

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