Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Fabulous Fabric Idea!!

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
Today's post is by Katie. Enjoy!

Ready for some inspiration?

Linda Isely was in the store having copies made of her wonderful scrapbook pages. She and I got to talking about her pages. While I was admiring this particular layout...

 I commented to Linda how I LOVED her little details, such as the Iowa State logo in the upper left corner and lower right corner. She shared that she cut those from an ISU sports program! I went on about how I really liked her plaid ribbon and how it matched her paper (purchased at Memory Bound) perfectly!!

 That was when Linda shared it wasn't ribbon, but plaid fabric!! She buys old plaid shirts from the local thrift stores, rips them apart and uses them on her layouts!!

 I absolutely LOVE that idea!!

Here's another layout created by Linda. She did a similar theme last year and won a ribbon for it at the Iowa State Fair!! She is a talented woman!

Not only did the fun photos catch my eye, but so did the actual strip of denim fabric she used across the bottom of her layout! It matches her "cowgirl" theme and the denim skirt in the photo!

She got the strip of fabric from a pair of her husband's old jeans! What a great idea, Linda!

Bonnie, who works at the store, was inspired by Linda's use of fabric. Bonnie has a sack full of her dad's old plaid shirts and is now going to use them as ribbon in her layouts!

 We love to be inspired!! Thanks to Linda Isley for sharing and inspiring!!


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