Friday, April 19, 2013

We are Big NEWS!!!

Hello, Memory Bound friends!
Today's post is by Katie and details a very exciting event that took place at Memory Bound last week! :)

UPDATE: Watch for Memory Bound on the news @ 9pm CST on May 6th! (Channel 13 news on channel 17-Fox)

The other day while working, I peered out the window and what to my wondering eyes should appear? 
A WHO TV 13 News SUV to interview me!
No, not me, actually she came to interview Dawn, but that didn't really rhyme with SUV.

Yep, a reporter, Jodi Whitworth from WHO, came to interview Dawn about Memory Bound, scrapbooking, and the craft/photography industry.

This is Jodi Whitworth. What a delightful person and so easy to talk with, which is a good trait when your job is in TV! Click here if you would like to know more about Jodi. (Yeah, we are on a first name basis!)

First, Jodi had to set up her camera. I got a bit of camera envy. 

Here's Dawn showing herself all hooked up!  

Jodi started her interview with Dawn. She shared some words of advice with Dawn, "Don't think about the camera. Just look at me and talk as if we are having a conversation."  Perfect encouragement for Dawn...she was off and did an excellent interview!  I get the feeling, for some reason, that Dawn talks with her hands.

Jodi said that she would edit the film she shot and let us know when it will air, which will be in about a month.  In return, WE will let you know when to watch WHO TV to see Dawn's fabulous interview!


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