Sunday, December 2, 2012

Memory Bound Crop Room Tour

 Hello, Memory Bound friends! 
I'm excited to share today's post with you! 
A few weeks ago, the Memory Bound staff toured three of our staff members' crop rooms. Of course, no such tour would be complete without FOOD, so the tour was also a progressive dinner! Pat organized the fun evening and was also the second stop on the tour. The gals touring brought all the food, so the hostesses didn't need to worry about a thing other than having their space available for touring! I hope you enjoy these great photos from the evening, mostly taken by Dawn.
 * * * * *
My craft room/office was the first stop on the tour. I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of fantastic FOOD everyone brought! We had planned to have appetizers at my house, so I expected they'd show up with a bag of chips and a plate of veggies which would have been great, but I should have known better! They swooped in with all kinds of appetizers, dips, and drinks...Michele even brought cappuccino with tiny cups, complete with whipped cream! I tell you the truth: THESE MB GALS CAN COOK! :) It was more tasty food than has EVER been in my kitchen at one time!  

Seriously, they thought of everything! And the amazing thing is that when we were done at my house, they scooped it all up and left NOT A TRACE!

Here are Diane and Tess at the start of this fun evening!

I took a few gals at a time upstairs to visit my craft room/office. I'm MUCH more at home there than the kitchen! My space is in the room above our garage, which was originally intended to be a bedroom but has always functioned as our home office and my crafting space. I've been updating it over the past year or so, finally finishing it this past summer.
I tried to be as economical as possible when working on my space. The cubes (which I use to store a lot of my smaller tools and supplies) came from Target as did the chair, ottoman, table, rug, and tree decal. My daughter sewed the pillows for me. The fabric served as my color inspiration for the room.
 Here are Tess, Kellie, Mindy, and Bonnie! It was so much fun to share the space with people who actually GET IT! LOL Although my husband is supportive, he just doesn't seem to get all that excited about ribbon and paper storage. :)

My favorite part of the room is the walk-in closet. Previously it was COMPLETELY FILLED with tubs of old school papers, and when you opened the door, it blocked one half of the closet. I moved all of the tubs to the basement so that I could use the space for my supplies, then I decided to remove the door and hang a curtain so that the closet would function more like a little alcove. 

Here are Heidi and Tess clowning around -- aren't they adorable? They are all welcome back any time, with or without food!

 Most of my closet containers are labeled, which makes it much more fun to put things away when I'm done working! The drawers at the right house my scraps of patterned paper and cardstock. The dots indicate the color family -- in rainbow order, of course! :)

Since the closet is now open to the room, I got the crazy notion that everything needed to be color coordinated, which meant I had to somehow transform my existing storage pieces. I had stored all of my books and magazines in inexpensive cardboard magazine holders, so I simply covered the front side of them in papers to match my color scheme. My daughter and I even spray painted some of my ugly photo boxes to match.

You can see more photos of my space on my blog here!

Our next stop was Pat's house, where we enjoyed a delicious main course of lasagna and salad! Here are Pat and Tess (notice how Tess is in almost EVERY PHOTO? LOL) getting things ready.

As you can see, there was no shortage of food at this stop, either!

Here's the whole group!

 After dinner, we all converged on Pat's room! Her wonderful space previously functioned as a bedroom. She has a great table which provides plenty of space for her projects!

Pat has an eye-catching red/black color scheme in her space. We all loved her black cubes from IKEA, which she has filled with containers in matching colors. The cubes hold an amazing amount of supplies!

 In this photo, you can see Pat's closet. It had some built-ins already in place, so Pat added additional stacking drawers on either side to expand her storage space. Closets are wonderful things!

Here are Pat's color-coordinated photo boxes!

 Our last stop was Diane's house, where we enjoyed a wonderful array of desserts before checking out her great space.

I couldn't decide which dessert to have, so I had some of each! :)

 Here's an "aerial" view of Diane's room from just outside the door. (Dawn must have stood on a chair to get this shot!) Diane's great space also used to be a bedroom.


 Her son-in-law made several custom desk pieces for her room, including the large table we all loved in the center of the room (shown below). Diane stands to work at the table, which also includes several storage shelves.

  Diane has done a great job creating beautiful wall art for her space, including lots of family photos and vintage pieces.

 You can see in the photo below that Diane has also made good use of the closet. She filled it with a cube storage unit and added stacking trays and drawers to maximize her storage. There is even room for her sewing machine in the closet!

 As a side note, I'll be teaching our Get Organized Challenge class again in January (watch for the date on our next calendar, due out in mid-December). Getting organized is one of my favorite topics, and I hope you'll join me to discuss LOTS of ideas for transforming your space! We have many storage pieces at Memory Bound for you to get started organizing your stash!

* * * * *
  We all got so many great ideas by touring these spaces! Although everyone's approach to organizing is different, I think we'd all agree that whatever kind of space you have -- whether it's a corner, a spare bedroom, a basement nook, or a closet -- it's worth the time and effort to make sure it's organized for how you work and think. It's also very important to make your space inspirational! You'll be far more productive if you feel good working in the space you have. 

 I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of our crafting spaces! It was so much fun that we hope to do another tour in the spring and visit some other staff crop rooms!

Happy crafting AND organizing!


  1. No wonder it is so much fun to shop at Memory Bound. Not only are you ladies so helpful and inspiring you are also full of fun! It says a lot about a business when a customer can see that the staff member or owner that is helping you really knows the products and enjoys their job. Thank you ladies for all the inspiration, love, and help that you give to all of your customers. You are truly a blessing!
    Mary G
    Fort Dodge, IA

  2. Mary, thank you for the nice comments! Memory Bound is a very special place, thanks to Dawn & Kellie, our staff members, and our customers! :) Janet


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