Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fun Times at the Lastest Staff Crop!

 This past Tuesday, the Memory Bound gals got together for a staff crop organized by Bonnie. Those who were available packed up their gear and headed to Memory Bound for a day of crafting and chatting with friends! I was working on class kits that day so took a few photos to document the action...because what else would a scrapbooker do? :)

Katie and Jean were hard at work on their pages -- although I caught them both playing with their phones! LOL But really, they each got a lot done that day! 

Maggie and Pat were sitting together, and Pat was coaching Maggie on how to put together a travel album based on one of Pat's recent awesome class projects. In this photo, Maggie was left unsupervised as Pat was working for a couple of hours. Maggie said she had to wait for Pat to direct her each step of the way, so Pat occasionally stopped by to see how the eager student was doing. :) So far so good, although Maggie was reprimanded for leaving her trimmer blade in the upright (and dangerous!) position!

At this point in the day, Maggie seemed pleased with the progress of her project!

So I popped over to check on Kendra and Diana who were hard at work! Kendra was busy doing some scrapbooking and Diana was working on her latest card creations. You know there is SERIOUS CRAFTING HAPPENING whenever you see an apron! :)

Bonnie was working on a scrapbook of her own activities for 2015! This is a first for Bonnie -- as it would be for many of us -- as we usually focus on the activities of our kids or grandkids. Bonnie has been taking pictures each month (well, at least for January and February!!) and is compiling them into an album just for her. Love it!

Uh oh...When I checked back on Maggie, she was nowhere in sight and had left her trimmer blade in the upright (and dangerous) position! :)

Dawn was busy working on pages for her son Alex who will be graduating in May. I think she was up to middle school so far. No worries, Dawn...still PLENTY of time! (March, April...LOL) Dawn made a number of trips home to retrieve things she had forgotten to bring but still managed to get a lot accomplished...we hope! :)

Pat finished her shift and returned to check on Maggie who had been hard at work without supervision for almost two hours. I blinked and Pat had somehow whipped up an album of her own!

At first glance, Pat was very pleased with Maggie's accomplishments! But on closer inspection, some quality issues were detected. The next thing we saw....

...was THIS! Maggie had dismantled (read: RIPPED APART!) her project and thrown the accordion spine into the circular (well, rectangular!) FILE! 

It was at that point that CHAOS ensued! You can see in this photo that there were THREE (COUNT 'EM...THREE!) trimmer blades in the upright (and dangerous!) position, including my own!

Pat quickly rectified that situation and got Maggie back on track with her project. WHEW!

Meanwhile at the other end of the room, Jennifer arrived from one of her many jobs to fit in a bit of crafting at the table next to Bonnie.

Our store owner Kellie had several projects to work on, including some for graduation, which will be here before you know it. (Don't tell Dawn! hehe)

When I stopped back to check on Maggie, she had folded a new spine for her album and it was all if nothing unusual had happened! 

Here is Maggie's completed album, all ready for her upcoming trip to Tennessee!

So as you can see, it was a fun, fun day filled with crafting and laughs. We can't wait for the next one!

P.S. Our crop room is available and FREE anytime we don't have a class or event. Just give us a call (515) 965-1102 if you'd like to plan some time for you and your friends to craft together!

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