Monday, December 16, 2013

Quick & Easy Christmas Lights with Washi Tape!

Happy Holidays, 
Memory Bound friends!
This past weekend, the Memory Bound staff held a cookie exchange and "My Favorite Things" gift exchange. (Look for a post soon with pictures from the fun evening!) Meanwhile I'd like to share a super-cute idea from the party, designed by our staff member Gloria using one of our Accu Cut dies and Washi tape!

Gloria cut out Christmas lights in a variety of colors in our Accu-Cut die cutting center. Then she wrapped a strip of silver/gray Washi tape around the top of the bulb. (Washi tape is perfect for this, because you just fold it to fit!) For a final touch, she used a quilting wheel to create the lines across the top of the bulb. Gloria attached all of the bulbs to yarn and taped a container of her favorite lip gloss to the back side. She displayed them in a holiday lights box, then cut them apart to give one to each person! It was such a cute idea!
You could easily adapt this idea to create ornaments, tags for gift bags, a garland, and so much more! Kids would enjoy helping with this quick and easy craft idea, too! Our Accu-Cut center is available free of charge if you purchase your cardstock at Memory Bound. Stop in and we'd be happy to get you started! 

Thanks for the fun idea, Gloria!

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