Thursday, June 3, 2010

Look what Dawn made me!

For my birthday Tuesday, Dawn made me a very special gift!! She embellished a 7 Gypsies Artist Printers Tray, creating a family keepsake piece for home. I just have to add photos and it's ready to go. I left it at the store so everyone could see it. THANKS DAWN!

I had a very nice birthday full of special surprises...
  • Dawn brought me ice tea in the morning (one of my faves) and made the dreaded daily post office run (one of my un-faves).
  • My husband left me a card with a car wash gift card (the total inside & out wash).
  • Korrie, my daughter, made the dough for Palmer's-like molasses cookies -- YUM! (She hasn't had time to bake them yet, but it's the thought that counts.)
  • Katie gave me a card, calling me her "mature" friend, which is okay because she enclosed a Noodle Zoo gift certificate. I'm mature, but at least not old enough for the senior citizen discount.
  • I came home to a bottle of wine hanging on my front door. Can you beat that? It was from my friend Barb. (It's chilling right now.)
  • My sister Tracy dropped off a bag with 4 paperbacks. (I love to read!) She left it outside on the car around 11:30 and texted Korrie, who of course was still up, to retrieve it.
Getting older: Not that fun.
Having a birthday this week: Pretty special - Thanks everyone!

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